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Turkey Point Nuclear Plant Extension Until 2053

The Turkey Point nuclear power plant has won final federal approval to continue to operate through at least 2053 — an unprecedented decision by regulators to extend the operating lifespan of nuclear reactors to 80 years. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently announced that it had signed off on Florida Power and Light’s latest application for a 20-year extension for its two reactors located along the mangrove-lined coast of south Biscayne Bay. The utility’s operating licenses, which the federal agency had already agreed to extend by two decades once before, will now expire in July 2052 and April 2053.  The license renewals represent a major milestone after it made significant investments in upgrades over many years to the facility, which the utility says produced enough power for 900,000 homes. FPL is currently working with Miami-Dade County on a plan to build a wastewater treatment facility so that treated wastewater can be used to freshen the troubled cooling-canal system.