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Philippines Seeks To Relaunch Nuclear Power Ambitions

The Philippines plans to revive its long-discontinued nuclear energy programme to combat the threat of a future power supply crunch — a prospect likely to raise safety concerns in a country prone to typhoons and earthquakes. The country is working with the International Atomic Energy Agency to meet the UN watchdog’s safety and other requirements, and investigating potential suppliers from ...

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Madrid Talks Leave Carbon Pricing To COP26

The UN climate talks in Madrid  ended recently with agreement to postpone a decision on the sixth article of the Paris climate accord. COP25 had been supposed to work out rules for a new global carbon market and create a system that would allow countries to pay each other for projects that reduce emissions. That task will now have to be ...

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Nuclear Innovation For Clean And Sustainable Growth

The vital importance of nuclear technologies was a focus of attention at a UN-organized side event held recently as part of the COP 25 climate change conference in Madrid. King Lee, Director Harmony Programme, World Nuclear Association, joined representatives from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the International Maritime Organization and the World Intellectual Property Organization in a panel facing ...

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Ontario, Saskatchewan And New Brunswick To Develop Nuclear Reactor

The premiers of Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have committed to collaborate on developing nuclear reactor technology in Canada. Doug Ford, Scott Moe and Blaine Higgs made the announcement and signed a memorandum of understanding recently in advance of a meeting of all the premiers. They will be working on the research, development and building of small modular reactors as ...

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