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Wildlife Is Flourishing In Fukushima’s Exclusion Zone

Wildlife is flourishing in the exclusion zone around the disabled Fukushima Daichii nuclear reactor in Japan. Researchers spotted more than 20 species in areas around the reactor, including wild boar, macaques and fox-like raccoon dogs. The findings help reveal how wildlife populations respond in the wake of catastrophic nuclear disaster like those that occurred at Fukushima and Chernobyl. Humans were ...

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Control Rod Mistakenly Removed From Ikata Reactor In Ehime During Maintenance

During recent maintenance work at the Ikata nuclear power plant that was to include the country’s first removal of spent mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel following full-scale ‘pluthermal’ power generation, a control rod was removed from the reactor by mistake, according to Shikoku Electric Power Co. The incident involving reactor No. 3 at the plant in Ikata, Ehime Prefecture, caused no loss ...

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Remote Arctic Nuclear Plant Gets Lifespan Extension

Rosatom, Russia’s state nuclear corporation, has prolonged the lifespan of a reactor it has long said it will shut down, pointing to a possible hiccup in plans for the controversial Akademik Lomonosov, the county’s first floating nuclear station, to power a remote Arctic region. The reactor is one of four at the Bilibino nuclear power plant, the world’s northernmost commercial nuclear ...

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Tokamak Energy and First Light Fusion Target Nuclear Fusion Reactor By 2030

Two UK start-ups are close to cracking stable nuclear fusion; a move that would unlock clean, cheap and near-limitless energy by creating a miniature sun in a reactor. Tokamak Energy and First Light Fusion have separately set the goal of having a working reactor by 2030, which is 10 years before the state-backed UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) plans to ...

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UAE To Inaugurate First Nuclear Plant

The UAE’s first nuclear power plant will start operations in the first quarter of 2020. The Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant’s first reactor was undergoing operational tests and preparations and is expected to obtain its license from an operating license from the UAE’s Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation soon. Barakah – the first in the UAE – is set to be ...

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Centre To Commission One Nuclear Power Reactor Every Year To Boost Commercial Use Of Atomic Energy

In a big boost for India’s civil nuclear energy sector, the Government of India is set to commission at least one new nuclear reactor every year. In April 2020, a 700 mega watt (MW) pressurised heavy water reactor will be commissioned in Kakrapar, Gujarat. The development was announced by senior official of the Department of Atomic Energy (DEA) Shrikrishna Gupta ...

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