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Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Market Predicted To Surpass By the End of 2026

Small modular reactor (SMR) is a type of portable nuclear reactor that is smaller than conventional reactor. It is manufactured at a facility/plant and brought to a site to be fully constructed. Small modular reactor (SMR) is a flexible and affordable source of power generation. Demand for Small modular reactor (SMR) is driven by its deployment in brownfield sites in ...

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Study Explores The Impact Of Closing Nuclear Power Plants In Germany

Many countries have phased out production of nuclear energy because of concerns related to nuclear waste and the risk of nuclear accidents. A new study explored the impact of the shutdown of roughly half of the nuclear power plants in Germany after the 2011 Fukushima accident in Japan. The study found that the resulting reductions in nuclear power were replaced ...

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Nuclear Power: The Road To A Carbon Free Future

Nuclear power provides 10% of the world’s electricity. But to stem climate change, we’re going to need far greater amounts of clean and reliable energy. Thirty countries currently operate nuclear power plants. More than two dozen others are looking at nuclear energy to meet their power and climate needs. In the western United States, more than 30 towns and cities ...

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Ontario Can Phase Out Nuclear And Avoid Increased Carbon Emissions

As wind and solar energy have become cheaper, they’ve become a more prominent and important way to generate clean electricity in most parts of the world. The Ontario government is cancelling renewable energy projects at a reported cost of at least $230 million while reinforcing the province’s reliance on nuclear power via expensive reactor refurbishment plans. One concern about renewables ...

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Sweden Shuts Nuclear Reactor After Over 40 Years Of Operation

Sweden recently shut down one of four nuclear reactors at its largest power station after over 40 years of operation, with operators citing a lack of profitability and rising maintenance costs. The Ringhals 2 reactor in southwestern Sweden was permanently shut down in accordance with a 2015 decision by its owners — Swedish state-owned energy group Vattenfall and German utility ...

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