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Nuclear Power: The Road To A Carbon Free Future

Nuclear power provides 10% of the world’s electricity. But to stem climate change, we’re going to need far greater amounts of clean and reliable energy. Thirty countries currently operate nuclear power plants. More than two dozen others are looking at nuclear energy to meet their power and climate needs. In the western United States, more than 30 towns and cities ...

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“Stable Salt Reactors could transform the energy economic outlook for India specifically regarding the aggressive decarbonisation targets that have been put in place.” – Rory O’Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, Moltex Energy

  Nuclear power is an important source that will contribute immensely towards a sustainable future. Rory O’Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, Moltex Energy, explains the significance of nuclear energy and highlights the importance of advanced technology used in nuclear reactors to Relin Hedly, New Media Communication. Excerpts… Your views on the state on Indian nuclear energy today, the challenge and opportunities ...

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