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Sri Lanka’s Focus On Occupational Radiation Protection

Sri Lanka’s programme to monitor workers exposed to radiation through their jobs is well-established and would benefit from long-term planning, sustainable coordination and stronger cooperation and consultation among stakeholders. This was the conclusion of an IAEA Occupational Radiation Protection Appraisal Service (ORPAS) mission to the country conducted last month.

Sri Lanka requested an ORPAS mission to help review measures in place to protect workers against possible harmful effects of radiation exposure, four years after the establishment of its independent national regulatory body. This appraisal service independently evaluates a country’s occupational radiation protection programme against international safety standards by a team of experts. The IAEA has already conducted such services in 19 countries.

Based on the appraisal outcomes, Sri Lanka intends to harmonize the national regulations in line with the occupational exposure control requirements in the International Basic Safety Standards on Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources. This means to establish for example, guidance on dose constraints, radiation protection program by the license holders, and harmonization of health surveillance program.