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Sellers Vying to Build N-Power Plants in India: Chavan

Prithviraj_Chavan_-_India_Economic_Summit_2011“Several countries are keen to sell nuclear reactors to India but any deal in this regard would be struck only on terms set down by the Government,” Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Prithviraj Chavan told the Rajya Sabha recently.

“We are planning to import nuclear reactors. But this would be done completely on our terms, otherwise not. Many countries are chasing us for giving orders,” Chavan said. “After signing the Indo-US civil nuclear deal, India has sourced uranium for its reactors from France and Russia which would meet the country’s requirement,” he added.

India is in talks with companies from Russia, France and the US for importing nuclear reactors, Chavan said. He said that at present India has 4,120 MW of installed capacity of nuclear power.

“By the end of the 11th Plan, we will have an additional capacity of 3,160 MW. Moreover our target is to achieve 15,000 MW of indigenous energy by 2020, while we want to go up to 25,000 MW,” he said.

To a query, the Minister said private companies were welcome to collaborate with state-run NPCIL in the field of atomic energy, though as per the Atomic Energy Act, government agencies play a majority role in the sector.