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PMO Mulls To Open Gates For FDI In Nuclear Power

In a bid to make India a global player in nuclear power ...

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Remote Arctic Nuclear Plant Gets Lifespan Extension

Rosatom, Russia’s state nuclear corporation, has prolonged the lifespan of a reactor ...

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UAE To Inaugurate First Nuclear Plant

The UAE’s first nuclear power plant will start operations in the first ...

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Australia To Advise Egypt For Its First Nuclear Plant

Australian energy group Worley Limited has won a contract to advise Egypt ...

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Nuclear Watch

European Powers Put Iran on Notice Over Nuclear Deal

Britain, France and Germany took a first step toward reimposing international sanctions ...

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Wildlife Is Flourishing In Fukushima’s Exclusion Zone

Wildlife is flourishing in the exclusion zone around the disabled Fukushima Daichii ...

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Control Rod Mistakenly Removed From Ikata Reactor In Ehime During Maintenance

During recent maintenance work at the Ikata nuclear power plant that was ...

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EDF Seeks Funding To Save Sizewell C Nuclear Plant

EDF is in a race against time to secure a funding deal ...

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Brajesh Mishra, former National Security Advisor, thinks the Indo-US nuclear deal will ...

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Global N-cooperation will boost local power programme

On these two specific issues has the BJP consulted you and sought ...

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A Nuclear Renaissance in US Vital

J.M. Bernhard Jr., Chairman, Shaw Group, has called for a national commitment ...

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