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India, US Make Excellent Partners in N-Energy Field – US Consul General

Paul_FolmsbeeThe 5-day India visit by a U.S. Commercial Nuclear Mission sponsored by the US-India Business Council in cooperation with the Nuclear Energy Institute, concluded on January 16 in Mumbai, India.  In his concluding speech, U.S. Consul General Paul A. Folmsbee described the historic Indo-US civilian nuclear energy agreement as one of the great legacies of the Bush Administration. Following are excerpts from Folmsbee’s address.

“Thank you for joining us today on the “rubber meets the road” part of the historic civil nuclear agreement between India and the United States. India’s inclusion under the global nuclear umbrella is a historic step, one that resulted from a lot of hard work and honest dialogue between not just Indians and Americans, but concerned and responsible partners around the world. For the United States, this historic agreement will be one of the great legacies of the Bush Administration.

At the cusp of a transition in our White House and our Congress, we know that curbing climate change, perfecting clean energy technologies, and providing for the next generation’s energy needs in a responsible, safe, environmentally friendly way is a top priority. We know this is a priority for India’s government, industry, and people as well.   So it will be a key part of the United States-India partnership.

That is why we are delighted that our civil nuclear industry leaders are here in India this week, and that they will be sharing information about the products, technologies, and services that have served our country well. Obviously, each plant built in India will have a significant India component, from parts and technology to engineering and labor. The enthusiasm of Indian companies for nuclear commerce partnerships is evidence of this huge potential. So we think that our two countries make excellent partners in the nuclear energy field.

Many of you already know about U.S. leadership in the nuclear power field.

  • The U.S. has a world class nuclear industry – 27 percent power is generated through clean nuclear technology.
  • When our companies compete for these contracts, they will be successful because they offer the best technology and reliability.
  • The U.S. welcomes competition, because we feel our products stand on their merits.
  • The U.S. Civil Nuclear Energy Industry is the world leader in engineering and has been active in upgrading plants and expanding capacity in existing plants in the United States, as well as building new plants and capacities in East Asia and Europe.
  • U.S. nuclear reactors have the world’s highest average efficiency rate at 91%
  • The United States today obtains 19.4 percent of its total generated electricity from clean nuclear power.
  • The United States ranks number one worldwide in terms of:
  1. Total number of operating nuclear reactor units
  2. (24 percent of world total –104 in US out of 439 worldwide);
    total nuclear   power capacity in Megawatts
  3. (27 percent of world total – 100,582 MW in US out of 372,100 MW  worldwide);
  4. Total amount of electricity generated by nuclear power annually

         (31 percent of world total; 806.5 Billion of kilowatt-hours Bkwh out of 2,608 Bkwh worldwide).

All of this spells good news for both our countries. I congratulate all those who have worked so hard to bring us to this point, and who will take us forward from here in the development of India’s civil nuclear industry.

Thank you.”