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Croatia considers nuclear energy option

croatiaCroatia, a southern Central European country will soon make a decision on whether to construct a nuclear power plant. Recently, Prime Minister Ivo Sanader said that the government had examined several energy options and preferred…

those not involving nuclear power plants. He added “We are open for a public debate and if the public shows that we need a different option, we are open for dialogue.” At a recent presentation of the draft energy strategy, Deputy Prime Minister Damir Polancec said that the scenario involving the construction of a 1000 MWe nuclear power plant, together with a 600 MWe coal-fired plant, “was assessed as the most favourable one by the experts.”

Croatia proposes spending Eur10 billion ($13 billion) in its energy sector over the next 12 years, including the construction of some 3500 MW of new generating capacity. A public debate on the country’s energy strategy will end in about one month.  Croatia co-owns the Krsko nuclear power plant in Slovenia.