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Chinese Nuclear Companies Added to Entity List

China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) and affiliates China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGNPC), China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd. and Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute Co. Ltd. have been added to the Commerce Department’s Entity List. The listing adds new restrictions to activities with CGN companies already limited by the October 2018 policy framework. The listing prohibits the export, reexport or transfer to these companies of U.S. commercial and dual-use goods, software or technology that are not subject to specific nuclear industry controls.

The Commerce Department explained that the four Chinese entities had engaged in or enabled efforts to acquire advanced U.S. nuclear technology and material for diversion to military uses in China. This announcement comes in the context of U.S.-China trade tensions, but is not the first move to limit civil nuclear cooperation. The U.S. Government’s Policy Framework on Civil Nuclear Cooperation with China, issued in October 2018, applied a presumption of denial of exports to CGN, its subsidiaries, and CGN-related entities of nuclear technology, equipment, components and materials subject to the Department of Energy’s regulations at 10 CFR Part 810 or licensing requirements under the NRC’s 10 CFR Part 110 regulations. Unlike the broader DOE policy framework, the new BIS prohibitions are limited to the four entities added to the Entity List. These join two existing parties on the Entity List in the China nuclear sector, the Baotou Guanghua Chemical Industrial Corporation and Northwestern Polytechnical University of China.