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China, India Top the Nuclear Century Outlook

India-ChinaChina and India have topped the Nuclear Century Outlook, followed by the United States in the third slot in terms of growth potential as envisaged by the World Nuclear Association.
This Outlook is:

  • A conceptualization of nuclear power’s potential worldwide growth in the 21st Century; and
  • An evaluation of nuclear energy’s environmental contribution.

The Outlook is unique in nature and scope. Many nuclear projections extend just to 2030 and assume business-as-usual behaviour.  The Outlook encompasses these scenarios but looks further into the future – with both optimistic and pessimistic assumptions.

In gauging nuclear energy’s potential growth and environmental role, the Nuclear Century Outlook also offers perspective on two questions:

  • Will nuclear energy’s contribution depend heavily on introducing nuclear power into new nations?
  • In meeting global clean-energy need, what is the relationship between nuclear power and renewable energy technologies?

The Outlook is built on country-by-country assessments of the growth potential of national nuclear programmes, based on estimates of need and capability, with projected population a key factor.  For each country, the Outlook posits upper and lower growth trajectories, with the low reflecting the minimum nuclear capacity expected and the high assuming a full policy commitment to nuclear power.

When summed globally, these trajectories yield boundaries within which the future is likely to fall.

WNA Nuclear Century Outlook Data 

The table below shows the full set of data used. Supporting information is provided for each country.