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All about Uranium, the Critical Raw Material for N-Energy

Uranium, the critical raw material required for the production of nuclear energy, is very much in the news in India these days. First, India has taken a major initiative to expand nuclear power generation capacity, using uranium. Second, India commanding only over

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MOX Fuel Assemblies for Japan’s Ohma N-Plant

The Japan Electric Power Development Co Ltd (J-Power) has signed an agreement with Global Nuclear Fuel Japan (GNF-J) for the supply of mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel assemblies for use in the Ohma nuclear power plant in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. GNF-J has outsourced the manufacture of the MOX fuel assemblies to Areva’s Melox subsidiary which will fabricate the fuel at Melox’s plant ...

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Japanese utilities’ annual plan for fissile plutonium use

Japan’s 11 electric power utilities expect to use mixed oxide (MOX) fuel containing about six tonnes of fissile plutonium (in about nine tonnes of reactor grade Pu) each year, once they are in full operation with this from about 2012. This corresponds to about 120 tonnes of MOX fuel. The utilities hold 13.8 tonnes of fissile plutonium stored in France ...

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First Shipment of Uranium from France Arrives in India

The Hyderabad-based Nuclear Fuel Complex  (NFC) has received the first shipment of 60 tonnes of uranium ore concentrate in India from Areva NC, France recently, five months after India signed the deal with US. “NFC will convert the concentrate into cylindrical pellets that will be used to fuel nuclear power plants,” said CEO of NFC, R.N. Jayaraj. The pellets will ...

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