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India’s N-Power Generation Drive Sparks Safety Fears

With the Indian Government launching a massive drive for stepping up the country’s nuclear power generation capacity, the issue of nuclear safety has assumed great significance. Some analysts say there could be cause for alarm, given the non-transparent nature of India’s state-controlled nuclear energy sector – there is no way to estimate whether safety issues will be carefully followed. India ...

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IAEA Guide on Staying Safe from Radioactive Sources

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has just released a Guide on Security of Radioactive Sources for implementing security measures on radioactive sources. It is published under the IAEA’s Nuclear Security Series, the publication includes guidance and recommended measures for the prevention and detection of, and response to malicious acts involving radioactive sources. This publication provides guidance that can be ...

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India May Sign Nuclear Liability Accord After Polls, Saran Says

India, the second fastest-growing major economy, may enact a law that will limit the liability of U.S. suppliers in case of a nuclear accident after a new government takes office following general elections. “The internal processes of India becoming a member of the convention have been completed,” Shyam Saran, special envoy to the prime minister, said in an interview in ...

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India on Guard against Terrorist Attacks on N-Plants

India’s nuclear establishment has tightened security at its various atomic reactors and power plants across the country In wake of the recent terrorist attacks on Mumbai in which nearly 200 people were killed. According to Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Anil Kakodkar, the security of the nuclear power plants across the country is being reviewed and any additional measures required to ...

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